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Day 189: Removing obstacles and nourishing souls

Updated: Jan 1, 2022


I’ve volleyed from feeling like I had nothing to write about 48 hours ago to feeling overwhelmed with not knowing where to start…

First things first, we officially launched one of the companies I’ve been working on…nesha!!!  I’m both honored and humbled to co-found this company with two beautiful, strong, and inspiring women:  Laura and Staraya.  Launching the website and Facebook page from the sanctity of an Ashram somehow made it just that much more perfect.

Speaking of the Ashram…today was the first full day of teacher training.  We spent most of the day talking about archetypes and philosophies as they relate to the practice of Yin Yoga.  

Talking, that is, in between all the silent meditation.

As someone who enjoys expressing themselves verbally and emoting, today was not my typical Wednesday.  I practiced a body meditation…a seated silent meditation…a walking meditation…and a standing meditation.  That’s a LOT of quiet time!

What I was left with was the deep seated knowing that I need to be quieter in my life…not all the time, just some times.  I need to set aside time to be quiet in nature.  Something as simple as walking the dog…in silent introspection.  I also need to slow down.

I admitted today that I lead a very Yang lifestyle.  Yang – the opposite of Yin – is active, assertive, action-oriented.  It’s the “go go go” mentality that brought me out of retirement less than six months in…even though the purpose of my retirement was to “rest rest rest”.  Maybe I can consider it a compromise that I’m not carrying a full time schedule at the new office…yes???

Maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to the Yin practice.  It’s quiet….still….mindful.  It forces me to stop and listen.  To face the discomfort that comes from holding a pose…that comes from life.  There’s no running from anything to anything in Yin.  It begins to create a new pattern for dealing with suffering…a healthier pattern.

So with all this calm…and peace…and mindfulness surrounding us, it seems a perfect time to launch our wellness endeavor.  Cheers to removing obstacles and nourishing our souls.


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