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Day 190: Healing the warrior

Updated: Jan 3, 2022


Part of our Yin training this week is the study of four primary archetypes:  warrior, healer, teacher, and visionary.  Yesterday and part of today was spent on the warrior…both the positive aspects and the shadow aspects.

These archetypes…as well as countless others…exist all around and within us.  We tap in and tune into them depending on what’s going on in and around us.  

This isn’t a new concept to me.  I spent quite a bit of time working with the traditional goddess archetypes with my shrink several years ago.  The point of the work was to educate myself so I could more easily tap into each goddess as needed.

It’s amazing how susceptible we are to these traditional archetypes.  Falling into one can be as easy as saying the word…describing common characteristics…or giving someone a nickname (Mr. Universe…Princess Grace…Man of the Year…Moon Pie…).

By the end of the day yesterday, I was tired and becoming cranky.  Staying at an ashram means detoxing on much of what constitutes “normal life” and that takes a toll on both the body and mental capacity.  Add on that a 90 minute Yin practice and the likelihood of stirring up some shit is pretty high.  The cherry on top was all the warrior talk throughout the day.

Needless to say, last night I was fully in my warrior.  Unfortunately for Mr. Universe, he caught the wrath.  It could have been way worse though.  Because there’s no cell coverage, the only way I could express fury was via email…which made the fight very one sided…and left me awake nearly all night stewing.

As the 5:30 alarm went off so we could make the mandatory 6 am yoga class, I was an exhausted warrior…but still very much stuck in the warrior archetype.  And there I stayed until about half way through the morning session when the teacher introduced the healer archetype.

Ahhhhhh….as we spoke, I felt the weight lift and the anger subside.  At that very moment, the light bulb went off.  My (over) reaction to a misunderstanding with Mr. Universe was a direct result of the archetype I was dialed into.  And the moment the conversation turned to a new archetype, so did I.

The Yin of the warrior, the healer, is just what it sounds to be.  Nurturing…caring…compassionate.  Gone was the rage and in it’s place a deep desire to hug my boyfriend…who just minutes earlier I was still pissed at.

While this may sound exaggerated…or crazy…it’s not.  Archetypes are thousands of years old.  They are known throughout history and civilizations.

When you hear someone referred to as a prince, you and everyone else picture nearly the same characteristics.  That’s why it’s so easy to step into one…and to identify them, when you’re looking for them.

Heck, half the time we recognize the archetype without being consciously aware of it.  I didn’t name Princess Grace because of the archetype…yet, I did.  If anyone I’ve ever known acts like a princess, it’s her.  Yet, the question remains…did she become more of the princess after the nickname?

Point is, this shit is real…and amazing…and enlightening…and powerful.  I’m so excited to be learning more about it…and even more excited to no longer be in my warrior mode.

Sorry, Mr. Universe.  🙂

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