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Day 204: Two types of intentions

Updated: Jan 3, 2022


I believe there are two kinds of intention.  The first, and probably most common, is the one where you set an intention for something that feels unattainable.  

Something beyond your reach or control. Something that you need Universal influence and support to achieve.

For example, setting an intention to find a life partner and describing the qualities while being open to meeting people is this type of intention.  It’s something I set my mind and heart to do but it’s not something I could accomplish on my own.  I couldn’t build or make my life partner.  I had to wait…and hope…and trust…that I’d meet him someday.

The other kind of intention is for those things that are within our control. Things like eating healthier, getting in shape, saving money, giving up potato chips (personal intention that I can’t seem to keep for long periods of time).

I find it frustrating after a while when I hear myself or others say that they are intending to do something that could start today…if it was really a priority.  I can have every intention to give up eating potato chips but if I keep walking down the chip aisle in the store…and keep buying a bag…and keep opening that bag when I get home…and keep putting chips in my mouth….well then it doesn’t matter what my intention is because I’m self sabotaging.  

I’m purposely deciding to do something that is counter to what I set my intention to be. And let’s be honest, if it were really an intention that was important to me I wouldn’t put myself in such a position to begin with.  

I think we often say these intentions because we think we’re “supposed to” or that it’s what someone in our lives wants to hear.  But if we’re saying an intention for either of those reasons then it’s incredibly insincere…and pointless.  

Any intention needs to come from the heart and be something that you, as an individual, want to achieve.  I mean eventually why will the Universe believe those larger intentions we set?  You know, the ones where we need assistance from a higher power…if we can’t keep the smaller ones that are within our control?

You see I believe they all build on each other to create cosmic credibility.  Sure in the grand scheme of things cheating with potato chips doesn’t really carry much weight…but what if it’s a promise I’ve made to a friend or loved one?

What if I’ve committed to giving up potato chips in support of something they are trying to achieve…or a request for me to live a healthier lifestyle…or to show them that I can follow through on a commitment?

When my intention to give up chips is tied to a larger pledge, then it suddenly becomes a much bigger deal.  And the question I need to ask myself before setting such an intention — before setting any intention, really — is, is this something that’s important to me personally?  Is this an intention I fully believe in and want to achieve?  Am I really trying to change my life?

Or am I just giving lip service to the Universe?


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