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Day 205: Forgiveness

Updated: Jan 3, 2022


It’s a wonder there’s any harmony to be found.

Life isn’t about those moments when we digress…when we are at our low point.  

Life is about how we choose to progress out of that moment….how we rise up to reach our potential.  

Life is about figuring out what we want our vantage point to be and then doing our damnedest to live there.  But most importantly, life is about forgiving ourselves and those we love when we fall down…when we trip up…when we stumble.

Forgiveness isn’t easy.  To forgive you have to trust.  You have to trust the words of the very person that probably said something that feels unforgivable. But we do it.  We forgive because the other option is to hold tight to the hurt. To let it define us and our relationships.  To let it become a fence around our heart.

I know this because I used to be an expert fence builder.  Hurt me and I would never forgot it…let alone forgive you for it.  This reaction didn’t really do much except cause more hurt…isolation…loneliness.  Hanging onto words and actions that were most likely a genuine mistake uses up a lot of energy and tends to act as a magnet for more hurt and anguish.

It’s easy to latch onto the pain….but it’s worth the effort to dig deep and forgive. To let go.  To free yourself of the pain.  To trust and move forward.


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