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Day 210: The power of words

Updated: Jan 5, 2022


Here’s an interesting tidbit…back in April, I changed my LinkedIn profile to note that I’d left my job.  Because I didn’t want to put “retiree” on my profile…and I wasn’t completely ready to fall of the grid…I listed my profession as “Chief Innovator of Life” with a focus in the health, wellness and fitness sectors.

I noticed this as a I added nesha to my profile today and was struck at how accurately I listed not what I was doing, but what I would end up doing.  See, at the time when I wrote that in April I wasn’t really doing all that much except exploring my own personal issues.  I hadn’t even started teaching SUP yet…nor did I have any plans to.

But through the power of intention I grew into those words by way of my actions.  Not only am I focused on my personal health, but through nesha and my coaching practice I’m focused on helping others to improve their personal health and well being by helping folks to remove their obstacles and nourish their souls.

While that certainly qualifies as a wellness related practice too, I’m also in the process of opening a wellness center sometime early next year with another business partner.  And I fully anticipate that my coaching will be a part of that business as well.

From a fitness perspective, I spent the summer teaching yoga on paddle boards and am continuing to sub for teachers as opportunities arise.  I’m planning a January yoga workshop with my nesha partner and hope to start teaching Yin at a new gym downtown.

So basically, I continue to innovate and evolve what I’m bringing to the table….how I’m sharing my talents…where I’m growing…and I’m doing it in the health, wellness, and fitness sectors.  Was it a psychic prediction or the power of intention?  While it might have been a little of both, I think I manifested another intention.

Words…so powerful….


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