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Day 211: Questions and answers

Updated: Jan 5, 2022


As I was getting ready to walk out the door today, I had this thought that I should bring my pendulum.

It’s the first time I’ve thought I should take it with me someplace but the urge was strong.  Needless to say, I forgot it at home but when I told Princess Grace about it we both decided to go by little bags so we could carry them around with us.

So I now have a new little bag to carry my pendulum in.  It’ll always be handy to tap into…and having it so handy will help me to hone the questions and responses.  Technically, I don’t think I need the pendulum…but it’s kinda fun.

See, when I was at the Ashram, meditating outside of one of the tombs, I used my time to ask questions with the goal of listening for the answers.  Before I could finish any of the questions, though, I was getting clear answers…”Yes.”…”No.”…over and over and over again.

That day confirmed for me that any answer I need exists within.  Whether the answer is being delivered by The Universe…Source…the Divine…God…doesn’t necessarily matter to me.  All those names represent the same Spirit…and that Spirit exists within.  We are all vehicles…channels…from which higher power work is done.  We just have to learn to listen to the guidance…and to ask the right questions.

Tomorrow, my pendulum (Violet) and I will start making our way together.  Wish us luck.


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