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Day 215: I found your intangible

Updated: Jan 6, 2022


On Day 8 (boy, that seems like a lifetime ago) I vented about being told by a boy that I was missing that “intangible” quality.  To feel rejected over a word that by its sheer definition is…well…undefinable, was quite a blow to the ego.  I was pissed.

After 200+ days to digest this little nugget, I finally get it.  I finally understand what couldn’t be defined…and I finally understand that that is indeed the point.  

I get it now because Mr. Universe has that “intangible” quality.  It’s the thing that makes me not want to fight with him.  It’s what makes me want to move past any disagreements as quickly as possible.  It’s what makes me look past and beyond things that would have driven me crazy in previous relationships.

That intangible quality sometimes makes me feel a little bit crazy…like I’m not quite myself.  But again, that’s the point.  If he was any regular guy, I’d be acting and feeling like I’ve always felt.  But because he has this intangible…he’s different.  I’m different.

So as pissed as I was for being told I didn’t possess some intangible quality, I’d like to officially say “thank you” for teaching me the power of the intangible.  For planting a seed of doubt that ultimately grew into a tree of opportunity…love…life.

I found your intangible…it existed in the Universe…Mr. Universe, to be exact.


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