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Day 219: Taking the edge off the chill

Updated: Jan 6, 2022


I love winter…particularly from December to February.  Anytime he shows up before or lingers after, though, I find myself irritated.  So to have a potential snowfall on October 31st isn’t exactly what I wanted to hear the weather man say this morning.

Last winter was harsh…in so many ways.  It was cold with lots of snow…but I loved it.  I was mentally exhausted and the heavy snowfalls provided a valid reason to stay nestled in my house.  Numerous warnings for people to stay off the roads allowed me to feel no guilt for curling up on the coach and not going out.  I was alone but far from lonely.  I needed to retreat…to be alone…to hibernate.  I needed the ability to curl up and check out.

This winter is going to be vastly different with Mr. Universe sharing my couch. The idea of being snowed in…in front of the fire…snacking and watching movies with my fiancé/husband…is something I wouldn’t have even begun to dream was possible last year.  The prospect of sharing the coming winter with someone was almost unthinkable.  I was tangled up in a mess and needed all the ties that bound me to melt away…and melt away they did.

I’m in such a different place as I make my way into this next season.  Everything about my being…my life…has changed.  It may be cold out but the warmth and love from all the amazing people in my life has certainly taking the edge off the chill.  Even when it’s dreary, the sun is shining on my heart warming me from the inside, out.


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