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Day 226: Trusting the process and cutting the cord

Updated: Jan 6, 2022


I’ve written about cord cutting ceremonies before but today was the first time I got to lead someone through one.  It was incredible.


When my client came into the office, I could feel the weight she was carrying.  Despite the smile on her face, I could feel the heaviness in her heart.  She was tired…as she should be.  Leaving cords open and available to emotional vampires is taxing.

We talked a little bit about the process and why she was cutting the cords.  It’s critical to make sure the client’s heart is in as much as her head.  Whether you know you should cut the cord or not, doesn’t matter as much as feeling the need to severe the connection in your heart.  She was ready.

I’d been doing some additional reading on cord cutting prior to our session.  It’s common to physically feel the effects of the cords in the lower chakras, especially if it’s a romantic relationship.  She felt the connections in her gut…yep, solar plexus…and in her throat.  She described both as a heaviness…a weight…a feeling of being stuck.

Makes total sense.  The solar plexus (third chakra) is the home to our self esteem…power of transformation.  The throat (fifth chakra) represents our voice…the ability to be heard…to be authentic…speak with integrity.  The ties to this past relationship were stifling her ability to step fully into her self…to own her power…her voice.

As we began the ceremony, we asked Archangel Michael to be with us…to protect her and provide strength…and if we could borrow his sword.  A sword used time beyond time to ward off dark energy and cut through illusions.  As she took hold of the sword energetically, she could actually feel the weight of it in her hand.  Good, she was trusting the process.

We slowly made our way over her body.  Meticulously cutting each and every cord.  Leaving no inch of her body tethered.  After each section, we’d acknowledge the power that she was taking back.  

Standing firm on her legs with no binds, only supportive energy from Mother Earth.  

No more shackles at the knees, freedom to move.  

Gone were the restrictions and expectations surround sex and sexual desire. She was free to love who and how she wanted…to own her sexuality.  

Her gut…heart…throat were no longer tied to the past.  She was free to trust herself…follow her heart…protect her heart…and reclaim her integrity and authentic self through her voice.

Finally, her third eye…where our intuition exists.  No longer would it be clouded or diverted from her path.  No longer should she doubt what’s best for herself.

It was an emotional process but at the end of it…after asking the Universe to fill her with love and light…she felt free.  Unburdened.  Like the weight had been lifted.  And I could see it in her eyes…in her smile…in the words she used and the pace of her speech.

All this took about 30 minutes.  30 minutes of powerful visualizations and a trust in the energetic power of the Universe.  I knew the process had worked on me.  But to be able to free someone from the pains of a past relationship was incredibly rewarding.

As great as it feels to step into your own power…it feels just as good, if not better, to help someone else step into their own.  And this is why I’m a camino coach.


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