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Day 227: Jesus, who the hell knows

Updated: Jan 6, 2022


Last night Mr. Universe and I ended up in a spiritual/religious discussion. We’ve had pieces of this discussion before but not in this depth.  

If I were to describe his beliefs, I would label them “traditional”…whereas my beliefs are not.  Mine are a bit all over the place…a hodge podge of beliefs I’ve become comfortable with over the years.

Despite what some may think, though, I’m not agnostic.  I do believe in a Higher Power…that we were created in the image of something far greater than ourselves.  And that that divine power exists within all of us.  It’s what drives us to be better humans…to be compassionate…to be love.  Some people call this Higher Power “God”.  Others may call it “the Divine” or “the Universe”, which is the term I tend to use most frequently.

I don’t believe that any one religion is preferred over another.  I don’t believe that the Bible is any more important than the Quran or the Torah or whatever religious text a person believes in that moves them closer to the Divine Spirit.  I don’t believe that Christians have the market on getting to Heaven…or whatever the Afterlife may be comprised of.

I do, however, support anyone with faith in their conviction that they believe in scriptures and trust that the interpretations of the interpretations contain the Word of God as he intends it to be understood.

The thing is, I don’t think any of us really knows.  Any beliefs we have in anything beyond science is faith.  And faith can’t be proven, it’s an undeniable trust in something that can’t be touched, tasted, smelt.  That’s why it’s called faith, silly.

What I don’t appreciate, is when Christians are unwilling to consider that someone else’s view might have merit.  When that person is unwilling to see the similarities in a belief structure that doesn’t 100% align with theirs.  When they choose to judge who is right and who is wrong.  Last I checked that wasn’t a part of our job description.

I have always enjoyed discussing spiritually and religious beliefs…because my mind is open.  I don’t have the answers but I trust that as long as I’m living the best life I can, even if I’m wrong, I will be forgiven.  

When this life ends and I’m facing my Maker…whether to proceed to Heaven or to come back for another go round…I hope s/he takes the time to enlighten me.  And I hope that if there’s a protocol I need to follow to proceed to the next step, that I’ll be given the opportunity to adjust my thinking.

Until that time, though, I’m going to continue learning…listening…reading…about belief systems.  I’m going to remain open and accepting of others’ beliefs. I’m going to remember that I’m human and by that very fact, I don’t know what is ultimately the correct belief…what is right.  I can only continue striving to be better and to help those around me to be better.  To live by the Golden Rule and Universal Truths…and someday, if I’m moved to believe in the Scriptures, I hope I remember to be accepting of others.  Because I’m pretty sure that’s the point, regardless of your flavor.


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