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Day 23:  Whether coincidence, conscious awareness, or subconscious dreaming

Updated: Dec 21, 2021


I’m not sure how much this reading played into my panic at dinner with the Sweet Swede (Day 22) but hearing that there would be a young boy enter my life might have stirred something I didn’t realize was there. Perhaps no different than hearing that I would have an opportunity to travel and may be living outside of where I was born.  

Whether coincidence, conscious awareness, or subconscious dreaming, the urge to travel and live outside of Indiana – even if I move back eventually – is something that's becoming harder and harder to ignore.  No different than my quest for love…which might result in some type of family – whether traditional or not, doesn’t matter.

Because my life has changed so much since my last visit, I decided to give it another go on this trip.  I realize that the lines on your hands don’t necessarily change but I think the energy and intention of them can.  Plus I was a tad bit curious how Mahadeo’s reading would align or conflict with Monica’s from Sunday (Day 17).


Here’s what he said (in italics) with my commentary following.  I also thought it might be fun to group his statements into two categories:  “said previously” and “new”:

Said Previously

  • You do not like anybody to control you. This is an understatement and has been a constant struggle my entire life.  Still working on it.

  • You are a very independent person. I’m on a solo vacation, ’nuff said!

  • You have a beautiful sense of timing and you are usually at the correct place at the correct time. Monica said this too and it brings me great relief to hear.  As it seems to be the only thing to silence that incessant ticking like I’m in an episode of 24.

  • There is a child who will be important to you but not in the mainstream of your family but another child whether your own step child or an adopted child.  It may be a boy child.  This warms my heart and is something I would not have expected that I would like to hear…but I do.

  • And you may be living a part of your life outside of where you were born. I’ve been saying for years that I’d like to move…just don’t know where yet.  I think that’s something I’ll work on trying to figure out this year.

  • You will have an opportunity to travel.  YES I WILL!!  I traveled too much for work…but traveling for pleasure and growth is something I enjoy a great deal.

  • Sometimes when you love you can be a bit strong and your expectations might be a little high. I think every man I’ve ever dated has said some form of this to me, especially The Taste who on more than one occasion pointed out how my expectations were too much and caused him to pull away.  Only now am I able to step back far enough to understand this…and I so very sorry.

  • In matters of love the opinions of others have never really mattered much to you and the choices you make will not always meet of the approval of those around you.  Boy, do I know it.  I’m working to learn to be more discerning and trust that my friends may see something I’m blinded to.  After all, I don’t have a great track record to date (pun intended).

  • I see a relationship that can have a bit of a stress caused by an outside influence whether on your side or your partner’s side. I hope this is referring to a past relationship and not something yet to come.  I’ve had enough of outside influences causing stress…both on his side and mine!

  • I believe you may get a bit of an issue with your bladder or urinary trait.  Be sure to be careful with the kidneys.  Do a kidney cleanse that should take care of that.

  • You are an extremely erotic woman and you can be a challenge in bed.  Sorry, mom…let’s keep moving.

  • You can convince me this is gold and I will be believe you (he said pointing to his lamp). I’ve been told that I can be persuasive.  My lesson, though, is to be mindful of when and why I use this skill.  Being able to convince someone of something that isn’t true, isn’t necessarily a good thing.

  • You are strong willed and people can’t push you around but you are not crude.  There is nothing crude about you. I am strong willed and have been called crude many times….as anyone who knows me knows, I’m not a stranger to crude language.  In fact, I sometimes prefer it.

  • There is a point at which you will be living a double life. Please let this be a reference to my indiscretions in prior relationships and not something I’m yet to experience.  There’s nothing fun about being untrue to yourself or those around you.

  • You are to be careful with blood sugar. I’m a fainter if it gets too low…and no one wants to see me HANGRY!

  • You are a natural teacher.  You express yourself very well. This makes me happy as I’m actively trying to do both.

  • If you go into business, accounts, law, sciences, military you will do well.

  • You have very strong healing energy and you are very sensitive to places.  You walk into places, you feel things. Over the course of the past several months, I’ve become aware of this ability.  It was probably always there but I didn’t understand what was happen, nor how to manage it.  Thanks to my shamans I’m learning how better to use this talent and protect myself.

  • You don’t have any physical dangers to you and you get to early 80s without serious issues in health. This is something I think everyone wants to hear.


  • You have strong healing energy.  When you touch people they feel better. Odd, but I’ve been wondering about this lately.  Something to discuss with my shamans, for sure.

  • Your career will take you into the company of people in high society. I’m guessing this would be in a career to come…I don’t think of government officials as “high society”…no offense.

  • Dealing with foreigners will be particularly good for you. A relief if I’m going to be traveling!

  • For you to be happy in a relationship you have to understand the word acceptance.  Learn to accept the other person as he is without trying to change him.  As long as you try to change the other person, you will have conflict.  Just as nobody can change you, you can’t change people.  This. this. this is a major lesson for me to learn as I march toward my Personal Legend.  I’ve always been quick to judge or to point out how someone could do/be better.  It’s a horrible trait that stems from the perfectionist in me.  While beneficial at work, it’s not a benefit in a personal relationship of any sort.  This is something I work on daily…and probably why The Taste was in my life as long as he was.  Because I went to the extreme of acceptance.  He was/is a beautiful person in a shitty situation that I loved wholeheartedly.  I’m working to find the balance that doesn’t leave me stuck in a shitty situation too.

  • You have been looking for perfect person.  I hope you find such a person.  Seeing perfection in the imperfection is the only way this will occur…and I’m 100% ok with that.

Day 8 in Key West 🙂


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