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Day 231: This is living

Updated: Jan 6, 2022


Progress…living…is about achieving milestones, no matter how big or small.  Today I crossed off a small milestone that felt monumental.  

Today I taught my first class at the studio I got my teacher certification from…at the place I call my “home” studio.

It’s true I taught SUP yoga this summer through the same studio but that was different.  I was outside, not in the studio.  I was on the water, not walking the floor where I’ve spent hundreds of hours on my own mat.  I was unique…different…with a distinct voice on the water.  In the studio, all I could hear was the voices of all my teachers.

I’ll be honest, this is a milestone I’ve been putting off for years.  To try and explain why is like trying to give credibility to an unexplainable phenomenon.  It doesn’t even make sense to me to try and explain.

The only reason I was able to move past this obstacle today was because Chuck asked me to sub for him at another studio and after I said yes, he hit me with the request to cover his Invoke classes.  How could I say yes to one and not all???  And it was Chuck.  One of my favorite teachers…correction, one of my favorite humans!  I couldn’t say no….it wasn’t even a consideration to do so. Before I knew it, I said yes and was adding the classes to my calendar.  Gulp….I was committed.

Leading up to the noon class, I had to keep reminding myself that this is not my first rodeo.  I’ve taught lots of classes.  The only difference with this one is the location…that’s it.  And that’s not enough of a difference to worry about…or freak out over.

I’m not sure if it’s irony or apropos that the theme of the class I taught was about obstacles…and how each obstacle (or block) is a chance for us to learn a lesson…and eventually we learn enough lessons to change our path and vantage point.  Clearly a message I needed not only the class to hear, but one that I needed to hear.

Despite the change in venue one thing remains the same, I continue to be both teacher and student.  To both speak the lesson as well as share in the need to hear it.

Milestones….it feels good to have them and even better to achieve them.  This is living.

PS:  Thank you, Chuck, for believing in me and trusting me with your students.  I hope I did you proud.  One more to go today…


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