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Day 237: Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful

Updated: Jan 6, 2022


Today as I was walking through a store…after having snagged a super cheap dog bed for Sheba, btw…I noticed a print that said “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to wonderful”.  


I don’t know why that grabbed my attention like it did…scratch that, I totally know why.  I’ve been struggling with this assumption that because I’m marrying Mr. Universe life should be perfect.  And because it should be perfect, we shouldn’t argue over silly stuff.  That we shouldn’t have disagreements about how we disagree.  That we shouldn’t butt heads over dumb shit.  That every day should be jammed pack with sunshine and daisies.

Thing is, though, we’re human.  We’re beautifully…possibly tragically…flawed humans.  We’re going to make mistakes as we grow together…as we evolve…as we learn how to share this lovely coexistence we’re co-creating.

I had this notion in my head that because I’m living this magical fairy tale (and publicly chronicling it) that life had to indeed feel like a fairy tale…every day…all day.  I was placing this unrealistic pressure to achieve a goal that is unattainable by the mere fact that we are…human.

So, on a random Tuesday…while walking through a department store that I really didn’t want to be in…I see a sign — literally a sign — to reorient my vantage point.  To ground my perspective in a reality that is achievable and sustainable. To ground my emotions back into my heart….a heart that is full of gratitude for finally meeting someone that is worthy of it.  Someone that despite my flaws, loves me…and despite his, I love him.

I don’t expect him to be perfect.  Lord knows, I’m not.  But for some reason, I thought our life was supposed to be.  Let the record show that our life isn’t perfect…nor is our love…but both.are.wonderful.  Wonderful!

Thanks Universe…and Mr. Universe. 🙂


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