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Day 243: Productive

Updated: Jan 6, 2022


There’s something about a holiday week that used to make me feel uber productive.  Maybe it was because so many folks would take the week off so my day would be quieter than normal…leaving me to do those tasks that require being able to just sit and think.  

Ironically, even though I’m no longer working my traditional job, I’ve knocked several things off my list today that I’ve been sitting on for weeks.  Oh, and look…it’s a holiday week.

Guess this goes to show that some habits are rooted deep.  So deep that I’m not even conscious of the fact that I’m still behaving in a certain way.  You may say it’s just a coincidence…and it very well could be.  But I’ve literally been putting off this work for weeks and today I sat down and got it nearly completely finished.  At least as finished as I can until my partners get back to me…so I finished everything that I can do on my own.

It feels good to be productive…almost as good as it feels to rest, sometimes.

I’d write more but I still have other things on my list to do and I want to get them taken care of…so I can rest.


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