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Day 247: What do you desire

Updated: Jan 6, 2022


What do you desire ?

I’m pretty sure it’s nothing in the cart you’re pushing as you stand in the check out line.  I’m hopeful it’s something more than the items listed on your Christmas list.  I’m guessing it’s not even something that can be bought.  Please let it be more of a how.  Let it be how you want to experience life…please.  Ask…

What makes you itch?

What would you like to do if money were no object?

How would you really enjoy spending your life?

Ask yourself this.  Do you work all those long hours at that job that you really don’t like just so you can buy your kids…husband/wife/significant other…parents…family…friends that thing that they said they want (or that you think they want) only so they will play with it…wear it…look at it…cherish it for a brief period of time before they break it…out grow it…put it away…give it away…forget about it?  Is that what you do that thing you don’t like doing for???

What if rather than putting so much focus on buying holiday gifts…on spending needless amounts of money on a holiday that was never intended to be about commercial gift giving to begin with…you simply stopped doing it?  What if you redirected that money…that energy…to time spent with the people you love?  What if you took an adventure together and created memories?  What if you decided to experience each other instead of experiencing that stuff in your cart or on your list?


What if you finally decided to step off the hamster wheel…to change your relationship to money…to invest in your own personal stock by giving the most important gift to yourself and the people you love – time?

What if you stopped buying into the hype of feeling like you have to own stuff to be somebody and you finally realized that you…yourself…as you are…are more than enough.  You aren’t just some body….you are an enormous spirit.  A soul.  A consciousness.  A child of God that was put on Earth to experience all it has to offer.

We don’t need the games, the clothes, the cars, the toys, the collectibles.  We need that one precious gift that can’t be bought…controlled…mastered…or replenished.  We need time.  Time with ourselves to do what our heart desires.  Time with loved ones to be with them and tell them how much they mean to us.  Time to see all the wonders that life has to offer.

So if not this holiday season, what about next?  Ask yourself: What do I desire?  And what example do I want to set for the people I love?  Don’t buy them love anymore…show it to them.


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