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Day 254: Everyday I’m hustlin’

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


After yesterday’s revelation on the job front, it’s ironic that the same day I got hired to teach at a new yoga studio in Zionsville, A Yoga Lounge.  It’s a beautiful new space due to open on the 16th that’s a part of the Woodhouse Spa (also owned by Terri).  The space is so tranquil and calming that before I knew it, I was agreeing to teach 4 classes per week.  The thought of spending that time soaking in that relaxing juju was almost intoxicating.

The whole process felt effortless.  I’d reached out to Terri after finding a posting on Craig’s List and she immediately called.  We set up an interview and had the best conversation.  She owns two other spas around the City and had such a grounding presence.  I felt like she had nothing else to do but chat with me. She wanted to get to know me as a person and I guess we clicked because I walked out agreeing to be a Woodhouse Spa employee teaching Yin and Slow Flow Vinyasa.

It’s funny to see the direction my life is taking on the professional front.  Since retiring, I’ve been drawn more and more to the wellness space.  From teaching yoga to opening nesha to partnering on the Invoke Wellness Center expansion to becoming Reiki certified to now teaching yoga in a spa.  

Clearly I’m attracting…and attracted to…the feeling of or promotion of wellness. Be it the physical body, emotional body, or energetic body…I’m drawn to help heal it in some way.  Perhaps it’s some karmic pay-it-forward, full circle “thing”. I spent so many years working with teachers and professionals to help me heal that the thought of helping others in some small way feels right.

So while none of these jobs are going to make me rich, that’s not what it’s about anymore.  Now, it’s about choosing to spend my time doing “jobs” that feel more like hobbies.  To do work that feels a little more like play.  To give back in ways similarly to how others gave to me.  It’s about living a life…every aspect of it…that I’m proud of.

I made a statement to my life coach before retiring that I didn’t see myself having any one job.  I saw myself hustling…working several different gigs…and enjoying every minute of it.  Looks like I’m well on my way.  Yet another reminder to be mindful of the words you put out into the Universe.  They become intentions…and may result in actions.

I’m excited to be where I am…and to see what happens next.  So while this video doesn’t have anything to do with the type of hustling I’m doing…Rick Ross and I are both hustling in our own way.  Enjoy


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