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Day 260: The active observer

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


This morning I read an interesting article on how our consciousness creates our reality.  This wasn’t based on some New Age philosophy but rather physics, specifically quantum physics and the results of the double slit test.  The test illustrated how – when observed – electrons change their behavior…based on the expectation of the observer.  What.the…..

The article and a 5 minute layman’s explanation of the double slit test can be found here:

The point of sharing is whether you’re a New Age hippie or a quantum physicist or something in between, there’s a belief…a proven belief…that our consciousness creates our reality, especially when we are able to step back and observe ourselves and our surroundings.  This could be via visualizations…meditations…shamanic work…yoga…breath work…dreaming…etc.

Each day, every day we have the option to decide our reality.  We get to decide whether we view ourselves…and are thereby viewed by the world…as a victim or a hero.  Whether we are lucky or unlucky.  Whether we are confident or weak.  All this and so much more sits within our control…within our mind’s control…if we choose to tap into the power and simply believe.

As I was making my way toward my retirement, I could take myself from miserable to ecstatic with the simple of act of shifting from existing in the muck of my present life to dreaming about how my life was going to be once I stepped away from my job.  And you know what, most of those “daydreams” have now become my reality.  It didn’t happen immediately…it happened over time as I gradually saw myself transitioning into this new life…the life I created.

Some people chalk that up to luck.  Maybe it’s because that was the grand plan for me and I finally got with the program.  Or maybe, it’s because I visualized it and made it happen by being the active observer. Could be a little bit of everything.  But what do we have to lose by changing how we think about ourselves…about those around us…about the world?  Nothing.  Thoughts are free.

Give it a try and see what happens….you just might surprise yourself.


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