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Day 265: Gratitude

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


I’m sure on some deeper level, it’s no coincidence that I led a meditation class at noon focused on gratitude.  Gratitude for all the people and things that have supported us…nurtured us…loved us…challenged us.  Gratitude for everything that has made us who we are.  

We walked slowly through a timeline of visualizations.  From childhood to early schooling to college/trade school/first job to the job we currently have.  

As we thanked all those who built the buildings and the infrastructure…who taught us and disciplined us…who loved us and nurtured us, we also took time to acknowledge those that let us down or challenged us.  We acknowledged that they did the best they could.  We thanked them…and forgave them.  And we also forgave ourselves.

From there we looked to the future.  Visualizing where we worked…lived…seeing the faces of those surrounding us…and feeling the energy of those supporting us that we don’t yet know.  We visualized who we want to become because it is in our power to create that person…

As I went about my day, I was a bit lost in my thoughts.  Silently acknowledging the things around me that I’m grateful for.  Mr. Universe.  The car we were driving to run errands.  The roads we were driving on.  The stores we visited.  The money we have in our wallets to buy the things we need…and want.  A home to return to where we feel safe and secure.  Our pets.  Family.

Family.  As we were finishing up our errands, I got a call from my mom.  After nine months of chemo and eating right and positive thinking, she shared the news that she is officially in remission.  

This journey that began in March has come to a successful conclusion.  She’ll always live with the threat of a recurrence but knowing that her body has responded so well, so quickly is a huge relief.  Something for us to truly be grateful for.

If you have 10 minutes…or even just 1…take the time to thank those that mean the most to you.  The ones that made you who you are.  And most importantly, thank yourself for being such a uniquely amazing human being.  Then resolve to be the type of person that others will be grateful to know.


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