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Day 266: Daydreaming

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


With less than 100 posts left to write, I’ve found myself thinking about what I’ll do when I don’t have to sit at the computer everyday and expose my thoughts to whomever wants to take the time to read them.  

For starters, I think I’ll probably find time to do a little more writing for my business…that’s good.  On the personal front, I hope to continue writing…but I definitely won’t be posting on a daily basis…maybe not even at all.  

Perhaps I’ll turn my intentions toward writing…and eventually publishing a book.  

I feel like quite a bit of the momentum I’ve built in my life is because I’ve been consciously manifesting what I want via this blog.  The very act of putting words to paper, so to speak, is a way to release out into the Universe what I want.

Then it’s up to the Universe to hear my message and guide me to my path. That’s what you’ve been reading since I started this journey.  

The story of a woman who wanted to capitalize on the parts of her life she liked and rid herself of the parts she didn’t.  The result was something far beyond anything I could have imagined…especially so soon after resolving myself to make a change.  Knowing that words have such power is going to make it hard to stop writing, for sure.

I’ve become living proof that thoughts become intentions and intentions lead to manifestations and manifestations become actions.  In fact, I’ve had such great success to date that I’ve found myself a little leery of what to dream about next…knowing that those dreams can so easily become real life.  With less than 100 days left, I’m first going to focus on getting myself and Mr. Universe to Hawaii where I’ll spend some time contemplating what I want next.

We all know I do some of my best daydreaming on the beach.  🙂


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