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Day 267: When things fall apart, only to come together

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


I recently applied to and was accepted into a 9 month program through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating out of Colorado to study…wait for it…the psychology of eating.  

This program covers all sorts of eating issues and gets to the heart of the psychology behind why we eat like we do.  Why do we over-eat…under-eat…binge…purge…restrict…splurge…etc.

I feel like it’s a great addition to the coaching I’ve been offering and the direction Laura and I want to take nesha.  We want to be able to treat the entire body, mind, and soul and eating is such a large part of what we do.  Not only do we do it to sustain life but it’s very much a social undertaking.  We are constantly dining out with friends, family, and loved ones.  And the food choices we make stem from an assortment of issues tied to our relationship with food.

I’m super excited about this program and can’t wait to dig in (pun intended).  I’ve been lucky in my struggles with food…meaning, I haven’t really had all that many.  But many of my friends have and the thought of being able to help them…as well as people I’ve yet to meet…is exhilarating.

The program starts at the end of January and ends in September with a test.  I’ve got 7 modules along the way to complete…and I’m ready.  This morning I spent nearly an hour putting everything into my calendar and buying all of the suggested books, both the required and optional.  I’ll be a busy bee but it’s something I feel can help the average person learn to make better choices…without sustaining on the “diet of the day”.

I think this is the reason I bailed on the previous coaching program I was signed up to take.  That training didn’t feel “right”.  I didn’t feel like I was going to learn anything revolutionary that I didn’t already know.  

This program feels different.  Sure I eat…everyday…a lot.  But I don’t understand the psychology behind why, except that I’m hungry.  Even though scarfing down a bag of chips doesn’t always equate to being hungry.  (Can’t wait to figure out what drives that behavior!)

I love when things fall apart in one place, only to come together in another.


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