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Day 275: I’ve got this

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


Christmas was the last lone distraction standing between me and preparing to run off to Hawaii.

I’m not going to say that I wasn’t looking forward to the holiday…but, I really wasn’t.  

Sure I was looking forward to spending time with family but the amount of energy that holiday in particular consumes…well, it was energy I’d rather have been spending on last minute details.

However, with Christmas behind us I’m happy to say that I’m 99.99% packed. Sheba had her spa day so she’s clean and her nails are done…she’s ready to spend the week at Camp Grandma’s.  Tomorrow we’ll spend the day on any last minute details…double checking our list…and hanging with our pets before heading out Sunday AM.

We’ll make our way to Kokomo to drop off Sheba and Puzzle and then head to Chicago where we’ll spend the day catching our breath, taking in the sites, and watching some football.  Then Monday morning we’ll head to O’Hare to board a plane….next stop, Maui.  And just like that, we’ll be in Hawaii!

In preparation for our elopement and the year to come, I took a little quiz this afternoon.  It was a few questions designed to create a personal mantra.  I mean, my “Follow your heart, Find your truth” mantra has been a great one and gotten me to this point.  So why not see what the cards dished up for the coming year?

“I’ve got this.”  

That’s the mantra I was given.  “I’ve got this.”  At first I felt a little cheated.  It didn’t seem profound enough…spiritual enough.  I felt like it was missing substance.  

Then I paused…and sat with it….and realized, it’s perfect.  For the next however long, I get to chant “I’ve got this.”  No matter the situation…the task…the challenge…I get to say, “I’ve got this.”  How perfect!

Marrying Mr. Universe, I’ve got this!  Starting a couple businesses, I’ve got this!  Teaching yoga, I’ve got this!  Meeting new people, I’ve got this!  Volunteering my time, I’ve got this!  Caring for friends, family, and pets, I’ve got this!  Moving to Colorado…maybe someday…but whenever, I’ve got this!  And so on and so on and so one.  No matter what I ask for or what happens to come my way, I’!

It’s exactly what I needed to hear…to feel…to say.  No matter what, I can trust that I’ve got this…and the Universe will be right there supporting me along the way.


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