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Day 276: Treat yourself

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

jhj 096

Today, I surprised Mr. Universe with a massage.  I thought it would be a good way to hit the reset button after the holidays and before we jet off to get married.

There’s something about walking into a spa that makes the stress start to melt away.  Maybe it’s the soothing music…the smell of eucalyptus…the soft tones everyone talks in.  Whatever it is, I love it.

Every time I get a massage I tell myself I need to make the time to treat myself once per month.  That I need to give my muscles a chance to rest and relax…to decompress from the stress of life.  I tell myself that I’m going to make my body a priority…that I’m going to do something good for it…but every time I forget.

This summer, I told myself I’d get a massage as soon as paddle board yoga was over.  That it deserved some R&R after hauling the boards to and fro…in and out…of the water all summer.  I told myself that yet I never did it…until today.  Months after the fact.

What is it about making the time?  About honoring a commitment to get massages more frequently?  I manage to make time for yoga…cardio…stretching…but not a massage?  Maybe it’s a money thing.  Massages seem like perks…something you earn…a reward.  They don’t seem like necessary maintenance.

So, yet again, it’s my perspective that needs to change.  I need to view a massage as something I do to take care of myself.  Like getting the car a routine oil change…only I don’t need to wait 5000 miles in between, like I’ve been doing.  I don’t know that I’ll be able to jump right into monthly massages…but maybe once a quarter would be a nice place to start…and maybe Mr. Universe will join me.


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