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Day 280: How I became a fan of NYE

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


Here we are at the end of another year.  I’ve never been a big fan of NYE’s, honestly.  

I like the act of reflection and forward intention-setting, but too much of the holiday focus is on where you party…who you’re with…how fancy your dress is and how much you drink.

For years I fell in and out of the NYE’s trap.  I spent too many hours torn about how to spend the night when all I ever truly wanted to do was spend a quiet evening at home…by myself or with a small group of people I care about…mentally and emotionally preparing myself to bring forward an amazing year.

That’s exactly what I managed to do last year.  I had the privilege of ringing in the new year with three lovely ladies and two spunky toddlers.  We ate a little too much…drank just enough…and laughed until we cried.  

We released that which didn’t serve us any longer and set intentions for our futures.  Oh, and we played of Cards Against Humanity ever played.  To D-Ray, Kilo, and Princess Grace…thank you for your love and light last year.  It warmed my heart and lit my way for the entire year.  xoxo ladies!

This year I get to ring in the new year with Mr. Universe in paradise.  No matter the direction I look, I get to gaze upon mountains or ocean.  To see and feel the presence of how grand Mother Nature is and the effect she has on our perspective and connection to ourselves.  To be surrounded by natural beauty and love is more than I could have imagined last year.  To Mr. Universe…thank you for your heart and humor and perspective.  You flipped my year upside down by the simple click of a button.

When I retired, a significant intention of mine was to find love but never did I think those thoughts and subsequent actions would so quickly lead me to love.

Never did I think just a few months later I’d meet someone who would steal my heart.  Never did I think just a few months after that we’d be living together…getting engaged…and now on the eve of getting married….wow.

I’ve never been a big fan of NYE’s, until now.  As long as everything goes as planned tomorrow, every new year’s eve following I’ll toast my husband at midnight and wish him a happy anniversary.  That makes me a big fan. 🙂


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