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Day 286: No place like home

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


We arrived back to the Mainland around 5am this morning.  Mr. Universe was refreshed and I was exhausted.  

I can sit on a plane in daylight and fall right to sleep (and I’m not a napper) but put me on a redeye and I’m wide awake….the entire flight!

And not the kind of wide awake that feels alert and energized…, more like the kind that leaves you near delirious because you are so tired but just can’t fall asleep.  It was torture.

When we landed we were greeted by bitter temps and snow…and it was wonderful.  Despite a treacherous (and slow) drive home, we couldn’t be happier to be back. That’s how I know we were ready to come home..that Maui wasn’t our cup of tea…we knew we were flying back to some of the coldest temps of the season and we didn’t care.  We were ready.

The mantra that kept us going on the flight and drive home was “Sheeeeee BA”.  Counting down the miles to seeing that precious ‘lil boo face was quite the motivation…and totally worth it.  Since arriving home, we’ve all (Mr. Universe, Sheba, Puzzle, and I) been curled up on the coach.

We need to go get groceries…to eat dinner…but we can’t seem to get ourselves off the coach.  I think this might be what they call jet lag.  Whatever it is, there’s no place like home.


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