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Day 295: This is how people end up with 8 kids

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


I casually mentioned to Mr. Universe that we should message the breeder we got Sheba from to let him know we’re interested in getting another puppy…in MAY. That was a key part of the message.

Sheba would be a year which would give us plenty of quality time with her…time to finish her training.  And it would be Spring.  I did NOT want to potty train a puppy in the middle of Winter.

Mr. Universe sent the message and the response was a photo of a puppy that was ready for adoption….NOW. 

He met all the criteria we were looking for.  Fawn.  Beautiful parents.  Playful (as we saw in the videos (plural) that he sent).  The only thing that didn’t match the request was that Primo was a boy and we were interested in a girl.

Vito explained that girl bulldogs tend to fight as they get older so he recommended matching a boy and girl.  Uh oh….

Rather than make an emotional decision, Mr. Universe and I agreed to table the discussion and talk about it on Monday.  By the time Wednesday rolled around, we were still exchanging messages with Vito and receiving numerous pictures of Primo.

Like most things with us, we somewhat impulsively decided to go for it.  We’d put out into the Universe that we wanted a puppy and poof….Primo appeared.

Consequently, this morning at 7:30 all three of us – me, Mr. Universe and Sheba –  jumped in the car and headed West. 

By 10:30, Primo was nestled in our arms and Sheba was wagging her tail as she starred at her new dog friend…who is actually her cousin. 

Five minutes later, Primo was renamed Solomon King of Primo and we were heading back to Indy.

Mr. Universe and I became a family of two when he moved into my house in July.  A couple weeks later, we were a family of three when we adopted Sheba.  On January 1st, we  made the family official by getting married and now we’ve expanded the family to four with the adoption of Solomon.

As we pulled back onto the interstate, Mr. Universe noted how quickly we managed to have a new puppy by jokingly saying that it’s a good thing we weren’t talking about having a baby.  Given our track record, a conversation might miraculous result in a baby two weeks later.

I guess this is how people end up with eight kids.  You think the first one needs a friend so you have another…and then that one needs a friend…and then you have twins…and before you know it, there are eight.  Here’s to trying to stop with just two…puppies. 🙂


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