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Day 297: Settling into some habits

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


I’ve always heard that puppies pick things up quicker when they have another dog to model, but Solomon isn’t just following Sheba.  You can see that he’s processing and learning commands.

This morning was the first time I’ve left them alone since bringing the puppy home two days ago.  I had to teach and didn’t have a choice.  I thought through the strategy and figured I might as well use my time away as a teachable moment for Solomon…and I think it worked.  There was only one accident on the floor and poop outside!  Hooray!!!

I know we still have a long road to travel.  Potty training is by far the worst part of getting a puppy but we’re making strides…far quicker than we made them with Sheba so I’m going to take it as a victory.  And a sign that this little guy wants to prove himself and make his humans happy, just like Sheba did.

As I type this they are snuggled up face-to-face on the same dog bed.  Exhausted after playing hard and running around like maniacs.  The primary driver in getting another dog was so Sheba could have someone to play with…and play they do.  There comes moments at least a couple times each day where I have to physically separate them because they won’t stop playing.  And frankly, I can’t take the ruckus after a while.

Hopefully we’ll crack the potty training soon and settle into some nice habits.  Once that happens, I need to focus some more energy on figuring out why I can’t just let things be.  There’s something that I’m pushing toward…striving to get to.  I can’t put my figure on it, but I keep allowing myself to introduce distractions.

Distractions might not be a 100% fair word but there’s something going on that keeps me from just letting myself be.  Something that is keeping me from focusing on the things in front of me…without introducing something new into the mix.  Maybe I’m bored…or maybe I’m afraid of becoming bored.  Maybe there’s a part of me that feels guilty for retiring and having time on my hands so I’m doing my best to fill.

I don’t know what it is…yet…but as soon as this potty training is behind me and I can my breath, I’m going to try and figure out.  Hrmmmm, is that me doing it again? Setting up a challenge to take on?  Regardless, this is a puzzle that I need to figure out before I have 18 dogs and 10 jobs.


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