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Day 302: February, here I come

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


Wedding – check, Jan. 1st Mr. Universe’s birthday – check, Jan. 10th My birthday – check, Jan. 21st

There’s really no other significant personal celebration until we make our way to the end of the year for Thanksgiving and Christmas…then it’s our anniversary and birthdays all over again.  So the big months for us are November through January.

When planning the wedding a part of me (briefly) considered whether we should look to do something in the middle of the year.  I mean, celebrating our wedding and birthdays in the same month…would we be disappointed that we didn’t have something to look forward?

At this point in time…which granted is still early…I say “no”.  I like the idea of having a few months of intense planning and celebrating so we can then get back to life as normal.  No worries about an anniversary or birthday to throw off a diet…or interrupt planning for a vacation…or distract us from the beauty of every day life.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever looked so forward to February.  With three celebrations packed into January, it seemed silly to kick off any New Years diet or lifestyle resolution.  So that’s what February gets to be for me now.  A month long detox.

It’s never a fun month anyway.  The only thing I really enjoy about it is the Superbowl…and that’s at the very beginning of the month so it doesn’t really count as an interruption.  And Valentine’s Day is a manufactured holiday for consumerism.  Never, ever, been a fan of that holiday and don’t plan to change my outlook now.

So with February closing in, I can honestly say “Let’s do this!”  I haven’t finalized my plan yet but I think it will involve working out 5 days a week…trying new types of exercises and yoga studios…ditching processed foods and dairy…limiting alcohol to Paleo friendly beverages.

I’m not going to go as far as saying I’m doing Paleo…but I think I’ll be close.  Changing my diet to eliminate processed foods and dairy gets me most of the way there anyway.

I’ve got 9 days left to splurge before it’s time to tighten my belt, literally.  February, here I come!


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