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Day 309: Time to pivot

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


I think I’ve also made the transition.  This isn’t about a life I want to lead anymore…or about the person I want to become.  This is about the life I am living and the person I’ve become.  See the subtle difference?

Again, it makes things more real…and the writing more personal.  Here goes…

Since launching nesha, I’ve felt a little adrift.  I struggled with saying this for fear that it might impact the business, but what the hell…not saying something is definitely impacting business so why not.  I couldn’t put my finger on what the issue was for the longest time.

I think it’s a combination of the space and the baggage I brought into it.  That baggage being my former life.  When I’d meet a client at the office, I’d put on clothes that I used to wear to my old job.  I thought it was because I longed for a reason to wear them…now I think it was because I hadn’t yet separated “going to work” from “doing work”.

Putting on those old clothes and walking into an office made the job feel more like a job…made me feel more qualified…more important.  And that’s exactly what I was trying to avoid.  I didn’t want “clothes” to make me feel a certain way.  I needed to want to dress the part.  I needed to feel in my bones that I was qualified to do the work.  I needed to trust that I was important…just as important as any other coach, even in yoga pants.

By falling into that rut, I brought back just enough of my old baggage that I put a wall up without being conscious of it.  All the sudden, there were no more clients.  People talked about wanting to come to me for coaching…but it was just talk.  I was energetically blocking them from coming to the office because I didn’t want to go.

Without clients to distract me I realized how limiting the space we rented was.  It was cute and what we needed to anchor us but we weren’t able to use it like we wanted…identify block #2.

Slowly Laura and I began to dislike our office.  For manifestors, that’s not a good thing.  The energy we were putting out was to avoid the office…which means avoiding clients…which means not growing the business.  Realizing the blocks that were caused by the physical space was huge!

As a result, we’ve decided we no longer want to work out of our existing office.  It’s not the right place for us to do our work…the new work that we fully believe we are equipped to…regardless of what we wear.  We want to be where the people are.  We want to be someplace that people want to come.  We want to add to and share in a communal vibe.  And we know just the place…

But until that can happen, we need to offload the current space.  The landlord has agreed to list it and we are open to subleasing (should anyone reading be looking a small, cute, affordable space).  We’ve decided we are going to take the Spring to revamp our offering.  To align our services with our goals and package it in such a way that makes our services easier to consume.  Don’t worry, though.  If you want to come see us, we’ll be taking clients by appointment.  We have alternative space we can meet until our new home is ready.

Bottom line is, we want to help people by using our talents.  We want to create a safe place for people to shed their obstacles and nurture their souls.  We want to hold space for people in need of simply being witnessed.  And we want to do all that in a space that fits us.

So I’m putting it out there for the Universe to see.  We want out of our lease…ideally by March 1st so we can fully commit ourselves to creating our new vision without rent hanging over our heads.  The vision…it’s a good one…and it’s what people need.

We’re not giving up on nesha.  We are simply being honest with our expectations…acknowledging our feelings…and following our hearts.  That’s what we’re supposed to do as humans…why shouldn’t we do the same as a business?  Time to pivot!

Thanks, Universe, for your assistance in helping us to step fully onto our path.


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