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Day 311: It’s the little things…

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


Princess Grace and I stopped by and visited with the Shamans today.  Just being in their presence creates this calm, soothing effect that we just crave sometimes.  Different than other visits, though, today we were talking shop…and dreaming about what could be.

That got us talking about how I’m a manifestor.  I hadn’t really been feeling like I was accomplishing much lately and secretly wondered if I’d lost my ability to make stuff happen.

They pointed out that I’ve been focused on family…on nesting.  That when I manifest I turn my complete energy and focus on whatever it is I’m working to achieve and poof!  It happens…how can it not?!?  😉

So what was going on?  I had all these ideas floating around but nothing was taking off.  Or was it?  Roll the tape…

Let’s see, I met Mr. Universe seven months ago…just seven.months.ago!…and we’ve been married almost a month.

I decided I wanted a dog…welcome Sheba to the family.

Then I decided I wanted a dog friend for Sheba and not even a week later…meet Solomon.

Because of our age, Mr. Universe and I have been talking about whether we want to have children or not.  We’ve agreed now is not the right time for us….maybe there won’t be a right time.  But that’s ok.  We’ve got his daughter and three fur babies.

Honestly, it’s a relief to have that tabled…all these things take energy…and if I give them too much, they happen!  It doesn’t always have to be big things either – like getting married or adopting a dog or having a baby – little things work the same way.

For example…

On Friday, I had to be at the studio early to turn on the heat in the yoga room before teaching.  Since I had some time to kill, I decided to set aside the eye pillows for the end of class.  As I pulled them out of the box, I decided to grab six.  Why? Because that’s how many people I felt would probably show up.  I caught myself and wondered if I should pull out more…I mean, why limit the class to six?  After briefly contemplating what to do, I decided to stick with six because that’s a nice number…would give everyone plenty of room to practice…and me plenty of space to maneuver between people.  Six showed up.

Yesterday I wrote about how much of a gift teaching has become.  How much I enjoy it and hope to become the type of teacher for others that my teachers were for me.  Now I’m not saying the latter already happened but I did have 16 students in class this morning.  My biggest class since picking up this time slot!

There are probably dozens of little examples like that…where I think something or set an intention or make a decision and it happens.  I’ve been so focused on building and settling my new family that I’ve had little time to focus on much else, except the yoga classes I’m teaching each week.  And low and behold, those are the two places shit is happening.

I’ve not put the energy into other aspects of my life because I don’t have extra energy.  Lately I’ve started to put more towards getting Amana going and people are reaching out and signing up to be on the team.  My task going forward is to relax the myopic focus on home and balance my energy and intentions across the various aspects of my life I want to grow.  And a big part of that is career.

Not a career in the traditional sense, where I have a 9 to 5 job and a salary.   I’m talking about a career that balances out my life.  Provides an outlet for me to help others, hone my skills, and grow myself…oh, and adding to the bank account would be nice too.  A career that completes my circle and keeps me on my path.  That’s what I need to manifest…and I think I’ll start to do so toward the end of the month (February, not January).

I can still feel some of the chaos and distractions around potty training Solomon…and the need to get closure for Puzzle.  I also want to hunker down in February and read.  I want to dig into the training program I’ve enrolled in and use any remaining energy to jump start the build out of Amana.  That’s my plan for February.

Maybe that sounds like a lot, maybe it doesn’t….but putting 100% of your attention on anything is work.  Try it sometime and see what happens.


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