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Day 316: Yin and yang, literally

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


It started with me paying our nesha credit card bill and coming to the realization that we need to curtail spending for a bit.  At least until we finish going through our re-org…our pivot…whatever you want to call it. 

Energetically we aren’t trying to manifest growing the business because we decided to step back and re-envision it.  So it doesn’t make sense to continue some of the monthly spending we were doing.  I guess you could say, I spent the morning winding nesha down…back to its foundation so we could rebuild from the ground up.

Don’t worry, though.  We are still taking clients by appointment.  We aren’t turning anyone away…we just aren’t seeking clients out.  Not right now.  The new nesha is going to be amazing!  I can feel it.  The direction we are planning to go will hit a sweet spot that no one else is filling…at least not anyone we’ve found.

As I winded nesha down, I turned the heat up on Amana.

Today we interviewed with three general contractors in preparation for our build out bid.  If things didn’t seem real with the space when we signed the lease, they certainly started to feel more real today.  Sharing the vision with true outsiders…people that don’t do wellness activities on a regular basis…really helped to bring into perspective what we are planning to do with the space.

On one hand it was incredibly energizing.  On the other hand, it was a tad bit exhausting thinking about everything we still have to do and the decisions we still need to make before the heavy lifting can begin.

No matter how high or low my energy, it’s nonetheless exciting…and I’m thrilled to be a part of this venture.  I get to work with another strong, talented, brilliant woman…who in turn will help to make me stronger and smarter.

I had originally planned to spend a couple of hours after the last interview catching up on reading and videos related to my eating psychology program….at least that was the plan.  Right before the last interview started, I got an email asking me to sub for a sick teacher.

I’ll be honest, I kinda wanted to say no.  I’m falling behind in my program and need to continue to push myself to set better personal boundaries.  But I was already at the studio…already planning to teach a class at 7:00…and she was sick…

I said I’d teach the 60 minute heated Vinyasa class, just prior to the 75 minute Yin class I was also teaching.

The first class…heated, I mean HOT…active.  Vinyasa….yang.  19 wonderful yoginis showed up.  The room was full…energy was high…everyone was moving and sweating.  For the first time, before I knew it, we were almost out of time.  I’d lost myself in the teaching.  (I think that might be a good sign, actually.)

Immediately following that class, I killed the heat.  Tried to fan out the smell of heated bodies out of the room as I prepared myself mentally to dial it down…way down.  Yin is on the floor…not active.  It’s an introspective, quiet practice.  It’s slow…calming…but not easy.  It’s yin.

Unlike the first class, this one only had six.  There was plenty of room to spread out…get comfortable.  We had the lights off, except for the fireplace.  It was like being engulfed in a personal cocoon.

So when I say my day was filled with yin and yang energy, I really mean it….on every level.  Energetic…spiritual…mental…and physical.  I suppose that makes it a really good day?  My body says yes.


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