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Day 324: A posse of guides

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


After visiting a Reiki Master, Pamela, and sharing my concern, she offered to do an assessment to determine whether the attunements had worked and how many guides were available…assisting me.

That assessment was today.  And I was nervous.

Don’t ask me why I was so nervous.  I guess maybe a part of me was secretly worried that my logical brain would keep me from tapping into these energetic and spiritual powers.  That if there was an issue, it might not be the training.  It might just be me.

So for the past week or so, I’ve been trying to talk to my guides.  To let them know that we have this assessment coming up and I need them with me…to be ready.  I have no idea if talking to them helped or not, but it made me feel better…like I was putting forth some extra effort.

When we walked into Pamela’s office, I told her I was nervous.  I think she knew because she giggled with an all knowing smile.

For the assessment, I would perform Reiki on Princess Grace while Pamela watched to see if…and how many…guides came to assist.  Then we would switch and Princess Grace would do Reiki on me.

Because I was nervous, Pamela suggested I go first…so I could be still and calm when it was my turn to lay on the table.  As we started she made a suggestion of how to ground myself…of how to invite in my guides…and it worked perfectly.

As I started making my way through the hand positions, she touched my left shoulder.  I had three Reiki guides with me…which is great news…but they weren’t connected to me so she was going to help the connection process.  Before she moved to my right shoulder, I felt something there…almost like the guide was trying to connect but couldn’t quite get the job done.  Pamela helped him along.

Following the session we chatted.  The Level 1 certification was a success!  I had three guides, which is the number she was looking for.  Energy was running.  All I need to do is practice more (hollar if you want some Reiki!!)

Turns out, each person you practice on has a set of guides that want to help that specific person.  And once you work on them, the guides stick around.  That’s right…at some point I’ll have a posse of guides standing behind me…around me…over me.  How exciting is that?!?!


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