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Day 330: Remote viewing…and it has nothing to do with TV

Updated: Jan 9, 2022


An example is what Princess Grace and I spent today learning to do.  Led by the capable and experienced, Pamela, we were guided through a series of four meditations…reaching our Theta consciousness…and eventually projecting our consciousness into inanimate objects.

You think your mind is blown by reading that??  Try being us…doing it!


If remote viewing sounds vaguely familiar, which is how it sounded to me…vague and not really all that familiar, it might be due to that failed US government program, Stargate. 

Stargate was the answer to rumors that the Russians were using remote viewing capabilities to spy on the US.  So naturally, in turn, we had to create our own program.  The success of which is mixed.  The program was shut down in the 90s…or so we’re told.  😉

As a frame of reference to explain where Princess Grace and I ended up today, Beta consciousness is basically our “walking around” consciousness.  Here we are alert with the ability to reason and critically think.  It’s where we operate from in our normal awakened state. 

Alpha is the next level deeper.  These brain waves are present in deep relaxation, often when the eyes are closed.  It feels a bit like slipping into a daydream so it only goes to reason that our imagination and visualization is heightened.  Alpha is considered the gateway to your subconscious mind and is the voice of our intuition.

Theta, where we ended up, an even deeper realm of subconsciousness experienced momentarily as you drift off to sleep from Alpha.  It is present during deep meditation and light sleep.  In Theta we can access vivid visualizations, profound creativity, exceptional insight…and the ability to project our consciousness. 

And that’s the door that we entered today…”To Theta”.  Behind the door we found our workshop…each different and unique to the viewer.  We are able to modify the room whenever and however we like.  It’s existence is to serve only us in our adventures…functioning almost like a home base.

To say that I did something today that I never dreamt I’d do, is the biggest understatement I’ve ever made.  And tomorrow we’re going back to do more.

I love that each day has the potential to introduce me to something or someone new.  That each day I get to chose what I want to learn…why…and how I might use it in my life, if at all.  I love pushing myself to the edge of what I would have once considered “normal”…only to find myself standing there with dozens of other incredibly “normal”, yet enlightened people.

Will I do anything with this newfound skill?  Maybe not…but that’s not the point.  The point is that I’m expanding myself beyond my prescribed limits…in every sense of the phrase.  I’m learning remote viewing…and it has nothing to do with TV.


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