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Day 350: Get out of your own way

Updated: Jan 9, 2022


It’s kind of like the saying,

“You can’t see the forest for the trees.” 

When we’re in the middle of our own stuff….living it…dealing with it…sometimes just barely treading water…it still feels like work.  There’s so much effort that goes into maintaining, that we don’t have that extra oomph to see the bigger picture.

We’re not able to step back and see that the wall we keep beating our heads against is actually a door.

Our eyes are shut so tight because of the pain, we don’t see the door knob.  We’re so dizzy from the repetition of trying to force our way through, that we can’t see that taking just a half step backward would make all the difference.

But sometimes it’s not even that easy.  Sometimes it requires trust.  Trust in a higher power.  Trust that what we truly want will come to us when it’s time.  Actually, maybe that’s the name on the door. 

“Trust…to enter here.”  

For months…maybe even years…I’ve been talking about wanting to teach yoga to kids and to get more involved in the community.  No matter who I talked to, though, nothing happened.  I couldn’t find anyone to bite on my dream to teach kids.  I couldn’t find a cause that moved me enough to get involved.  Even typing both of those things seems ridiculous.

The issue?  Timing. The challenge?  To trust.

There were times I questioned why I wasn’t able to move forward on either goal.  It almost seemed like the more I wanted it, the farther from my grasp it retreated. 

At times I wondered if there was a reason…maybe I wouldn’t be a good teacher…maybe I was supposed to be working and not volunteering?

Eventually, I let go of trying to figure it out.  I let go of grasping at trying to make something happen and I decided to trust.  I decided to trust in my abilities.  To trust that the Universe knew my talents and would supply opportunities accordingly.  To trust that I was doing…no matter what it was…what I was supposed to be doing.  All of that sounds way easier than it was.  I’m not that Zen of a person to completely let go.

Interestingly enough, though, once I started teaching…and started to build trust in my own abilities…a shift happened.  All the sudden, I realized I wanted to share my love of yoga via teaching with women and children that most likely didn’t have access to it.  I knew I was supposed to teach at Coburn Place, a domestic violence shelter in the City.

That day I went home and completed a volunteer application.  A month later I had completed my volunteer orientation.  And less than a month after that, I’m working with them to teach kids during their Spring Break at the beginning of April…to teach Yin to the women residents…and to schedule a family day for moms and kids to yoga together.

Boom!  Just like that I knew what I was supposed to do.  And just like that it all came together.  See the key to manifesting your dreams is to dream the dream and then let it go.  To trust that your dream or something better will be fulfilled in due time…when you’ve gotten out of your own way.


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