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Day 352: Real talk…why what you think really does matter

Updated: Jan 9, 2022


Absolutely…you will stay stuck right where you are with thinking like that.  No question.  Nothing will change.  If anything, things might even get worse.  And here’s why….

I’ve always believed in the power of positive thinking.  (This doesn’t mean I’ve always been great at doing it.  We’ve all done things we know we shouldn’t…things that aren’t good for us.  So yes, I’ve had plenty of negative thoughts…and I’ve experienced the effects firsthand.)

For starters, if given the choice between finding the positive in a situation or focusing on the bad, why the hell would you want to waste time and energy focusing on something that doesn’t make you feel good??? 

I don’t give a shit if that’s what you think your reality is and you tell yourself you’re just being a realist.  That’s bullshit and a cop out.  You aren’t being a realist.  You’re stuck.  You’re wallowing.  You’re focused on the wrong thing.

Next, I believe that thoughts become intentions and intentions become actions and actions create your reality.  So, again, if you focus on everything that isn’t working out like you wanted….well, those thoughts of negativity swirl around you and manifest that same intention so your actions stay the same and so does your reality.  We’ve all heard that like attracts like.  Well, if all you think about is the bad stuff you’ll just keep attracting more of it.

Then I stumbled upon an article this morning, 4 ways to make your visualization actually manifest.   It was published by Spirit Sciencean awesome resource that you should check out!  The article talked about the science behind our thoughts.

How our thoughts are not only energy but they’re real.  Even though we can’t see them (and the article explains why), they have a frequency and a vibration.  How the more energy…detail…effort we put into our thoughts, the more dense…and thereby the more real…they become.

It also talked about how it’s not possible to distinguish between thoughts of wanting and of not wanting.  For example, thinking “I want to manifest a life of abundance.”  or “I want a job where I’m appreciated for my talents” allows you to frame what you want in the positive….thereby attracting back positivity.

The opposite would be to think “I don’t want to continue to need help from others to make my way.” or “I don’t want a job where I’m not appreciated for my talents.”  That “don’t” and “not” frame what you want in the negative…thereby keeping you right where you are…in the negative.

Our thoughts need to be positive affirmations of the life we want to live.  It doesn’t matter how shitty your life is at this very moment.  If you want to change it, you have to start changing what and how you are thinking…and you have to do it carefully.  Because what you think really does matter.

I’m living proof…as are so many others.  One day I decided I was going to retire.  I decided I was going to completely change my life.  I was going to follow my heart…find my truth…make a living out of my passions.  I had no idea how I was going to do any of it.  Didn’t matter.

The Universe heard my positive affirmations and it delivered the results.  It opened doors where there had been walls.  It shined light where there was darkness.  It led and I followed.

Give it a try and see what happens.  I mean, what do you have to lose???  Worse case, you’ll be a little happier??  But be patient and stick to the positive affirmations.  You’ll be shocked and awed by the results.

(PS:  If anyone wants some help with where to start, message me…seriously.)


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