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Day 353: Soul contracts

Updated: Jan 9, 2022


As I was thinking this, the word “contract” popped into my head and I realized it’s something I needed to write about.  Thanks to the work with my shamans, I’ve learned how to spot them and the importance of rewriting them.

I’m not talking about your typical legal contract, exactly.  I’m talking about a soul contract that we make with ourselves…with the Universe.  They become the underlying subliminal rules…the boundaries…that govern our lives.

Have you ever said things like...

“I can’t do math.” “I’m not good at [fill in the blank]” “I’m not like her/him.  That comes easy to them.  I have to work at it.” “I’d love to quit my job but I can’t.” “S/he’d never go out with me.  I’m not [fill in the blank] enough.”

Every single one of those simple little statements bounds you to a Universal soul contract.  A contract that stipulates you can’t do…can’t be…exactly whatever it is you said/thought.

Say you can’t do math?  Correct.  You will struggle with it because the Universe wants to give you what you ask for…what you believe.  It doesn’t distinguish between positive affirmations or negative thoughts.  It’s just here to serve and support you in your quest…even if that’s a quest in “can’t”.

Think you’re not good at something.  Bingo.  You won’t be.  Even if you try it and you are good at it, you’ll probably say or think something along the lines of…that was just beginner’s luck.  Of course it was…because you couldn’t possibility be good at something…you made a contract not to be.

When you compare yourself to others do you always come up short?  Well stop believing that the other person is better than you.  You’ve made a contract stipulating you aren’t like him/her.  You aren’t as good as they are.  You’re somehow lesser.  Rubbish!

Would you love to leave your job to follow your passions or maybe find a job where your talents are valued and you’re paid more fairly?  Well, you’re going to have to stop thinking that doing so isn’t an option for you.  Ever time you think it, you halt any forward progress.

Think so-and-so wouldn’t go out with you…or that you could ever attract someone like that?  You’re correct….because you’ve made it so with your contract.

So what the hell do you do now?!?

Well, if you can’t make your way to visit some incredibly talented shamans (of which I happen to know a few), then start by listening to what you say and your thought patterns. 

Notice words like “can’t”, “couldn’t”, “won’t”, “shouldn’t”, “never”, “don’t know how”, “afraid to”…and the like.  Ever time you limit your ability to do something…to try something new…with your words, you are actually limiting your ability to succeed.

Write down these statements and look at them.  There’s probably not a legitimate reason why you can’t do those things.  Why you can’t achieve your goals and dreams, other than you…yourself…have set up the barrier.

Now there’s no need to run off and get pissed at yourself.  That totally defeats the purpose.  You didn’t sign these contracts willingly.  You didn’t even realize the power of your words…until now.  Be happy that you have the power to tear up every single one of those contracts!!  You’ve been given a gift.  So make the most of it.

For each contract you identify, feel it in the body.  Package it up and decide what you want to replace it with.  Make the new contract something positive.  Something you want to achieve…a way you want to feel…to support the person you want to become.

You’ll have the full backing and support of the Universe as you establish this new, positive, life affirming soul contract.  Best of luck! 🙂


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