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Day 359: Manifesting your life’s dreams

Updated: Jan 9, 2022


I realized last night that Mr. Universe has the same power to manifest.  Pretty much everything I’ve seen him set his mind to achieve…or that I’ve heard him say he wants…has happened.

He was looking for someone to be in a committed relationship with.  Boom!

He was searching for a partner to compliment his life and push him to evolve.  Boom!

He wanted a dog (or two).  Boom!  Boom!

He wasn’t happy in his career and wanted a change.  Boom!

Months ago he told me that working at Harley would be his dream job.  Somehow it happened for him.  Boom!

He wanted a motorcycle…something that employees usually have to wait a year for…and he got it in two weeks.  Ka-Boom!

I could keep going with example after example of how I’ve watched him manifest his dreams, but I think you get the point. 

When he…we…exist in our higher self…the place where we are focused on the higher good…of bettering ourselves…of striving to be the best version of ourselves…things like this can happen because the Universe supports us and rewards us.

I’m starting to think of the Universe as a parent who wants the absolute best for us.  But unlike most of our real-life parents, she has the unlimited ability to provide whatever our heart’s desire.  She doesn’t punish when we fall into our low self or act out.  She watches…supports us…provides us with lessons to get us back on track.  She doesn’t give hand outs.  She doesn’t reward bad behavior.  But she loves us no matter what.

To this notion, Mr. Universe and I could both offer up examples of times we existed in our lower self.  Times when life got really hard.  When it didn’t feel like we could catch a break.  Times when the life we so badly wanted seemed far from our grasp. 

But looking back, those low points provided the best lessons to eventually get us back on track.  To push us to take drastic steps forward.  To encourage us to try new things because it was so clear the old ways weren’t working.  That’s how the Universe supported us even when it seemed like there was nothing…no one there lending a hand.

I label this power “the Universe”.  Mr. Universe calls it God.  I don’t care what name we give to it, I just care that we can agree on its purpose.  And that purpose is to help us see and become the best versions of ourselves.  To leave behind that which distracts us…pulls us down…diminishes our light.  To support us as we step onto our path…to experience our journey…to manifest our dreams.

It all starts so simply.  With a belief that you’re worthy of happiness…worthy of love…and that there’s something more waiting for you.  And then realizing that that something is you.


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