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Day 362: Today was a good day

Updated: Jan 9, 2022


We thought it might be a long shot, but what do brides need to do more than anything? 

Slow down…find their center…relax…trust their instincts…just be. 

All the noise swirling around is just that…noise.  What matters is that quiet voice inside.  The one that resides in the heart.  That’s the voice she can trust…but she needs to be able to hear it.

So we decided to approach this opportunity with that in mind by offering free 15 minute Reiki sessions.  It was a great way to introduce Reiki to nearly everyone that walked by.  Altogether we did Reiki on nearly 20 brides and their friends…none of which had experienced Reiki before.  It was amazing!

The look on every single one of their faces was priceless.  You could see the skepticism as they walked to the table…and then the pure joy and serenity when they got off it.  Their faces when they walked out of the room was the best marketing.  Everyone could see the difference.  And then we’d hear, “Me next.”

It wasn’t a completely selfless act, though.  I mean, sharing the beauty of Reiki with people is awesome but it was a good way to start building some brand awareness.  We had over 20 people sign up for our newsletter…talked with quite a few about our upcoming workshops…and had several inquire about whether we could do Reiki at bridal showers.  The best word to sum up the day is “YES.”  YES…YES…YES….YES…YES.

For me today was a way to also build up my posse of guides and angels.  For each person you do Reiki on, you usually attract one or two guides.  Because I haven’t been as active with my practice, I needed more guides to progress my abilities.  I think I did Reiki on 10 folks?  I don’t know, I lost count.  They just kept coming one after the other after another. 

For two straight hours I didn’t even have a chance to take a drink of water.  It was awesome!  And exhausting.

By the time I got home, I could feel the aches and tension settling in.  I headed straight up to the bath to wash away the connections and any energetic remnants from folks I touched.  While I’m still tired, the aches are all gone.

This shit works.  It really works.  I know I shouldn’t still be amazed by it, but I can’t help it.  Today was a good day…a very, very, very good day.


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