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Day 46: And all the single ladies

Updated: Dec 20, 2021


I will say that getting to spend time with my mom, my grandma and my sister today was exceptional.

Grandma is still as sassy as ever, and my mom is continuing to win her battle against cancer.  T-cell count is down.  Tumors are shrinking.  She’s spunky and looks great.  She still has her eyebrows and eye lashes….Hell, I even forgot her wig isn’t her real hair.  My sister is my sister…happy, healthy, and taking care of a beautiful family.  The family is good.

This photo is from last Mother’s Day but is one of my favorites.  Kim, Mom, and I couldn’t stop laughing because Grandma wouldn’t stop making us laugh.  You can just see it on her face…and all of ours…in the photo.

This year when my nephew came bounding in the door at my Mom’s, I asked him what he got me for Mother’s Day — half joking, of course.  After he replied nothing, without really thinking I said “Aunties are important too” and was reminded of a book I’d read a long time ago (so long ago I can’t remember the name of it).  The book was something to do with the history of marriage and discussed the roles necessary to raise children.

Turns out back in the day, aunties (single women) were considered pretty important.  It was their job…our job…my job…to assist the mothers with child rearing responsibilities…to allow the mother a break or time to focus on something else that needed tending to.

I think as a society, it’s become too easy to turn a cheek when it’s clear a mother needs assistance.  We’re too worried about insulting an overworked mom by offering to help…or just jumping in and doing.  We’ve forgotten the old saying that it takes a village to raise a child and we’ve left moms to do it on their own.

Here’s an idea, next time you see a mom struggling…and you know the look…stop and help her out.  If she gets pissed or insulted or whatever, who cares.  But I’m guessing if you help with love in your heart, she’ll feel it and appreciate it…as will the child.

So this Mother’s Day, I’d like to wish the moms, aunties, and all the single ladies a Happy Mother’s Day and thank them for everything they do as active members of the village helping to raise the children.

And a special shout out to the moms I’ve offered a helping hand to that have gladly accepted the assistance.  Thank you for allowing this auntie to feel appreciated and like a contributing and valued member of the family…your family…and our village.


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