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Day 49: One’s reality is a result of your intention and attention

Updated: Dec 20, 2021


I’ve never been a Russell Brand fan. I’ve not watched his movies or his videos because he annoyed the piss out of me…until today.

I have no idea what kind of transformation Brand has experienced but it’s spot on.  He’s passionately preaching about the values…enlightenment…awakened awareness that is needed so deeply in the world.  His video…the video linked here…is completely worth the 14 minutes and I hope you watch it.  I watched it only because someone I trust very much sent it to me…so now I’m doing the same to you.  Your choice whether you trust me enough to watch it.

This might sound a little hypocritical…I am still human after all…but the superficial has become superfluous.  I’m realizing that we really don’t need all the “things” we think we do to be happy.  All the clothes…shoes…cars…collectibles.  And I know this because I’m living this realization now.

All the time spent chasing after dreams that weren’t even mine left me feeling empty…depleted…angry.  If I wanted something…I’d buy it.  I spent a lot of money trying to “buy” happiness.  Did it work…was I able to buy myself happy?  Not really…maybe for a fleeting moment.  Then whatever I was trying to escape within me by focusing on my outer world would rise back up, leaving me again to feel empty…depleted…angry…and with a little less cash in the bank.

Since retiring, I’ve limited my spending — for obvious reasons — on things that I feel are worthy and necessary.  I’ve spent more time doing and making than shopping or buying.  I’ve spent more time giving of myself than giving material gifts to friends.

Each day, though, I sit in my over-sized house (a house that I love because of it’s wonderful energy) and am forced to see….and feel…how it’s sooooo much more than I need.  Being able to see that…and feel it…is a magnificent gift because it re-focuses me back to ask myself what it is that I do need…and how to truly be happy.

What I need and what I want to give to the world are exactly same….love, compassion, and tolerance.

I credit this shift to yoga and my shamans for releasing the negative energy and traumas that were stuck in my physical, energetic body thereby limiting the ability for emotional healing and openness.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some spiritual hippie that spends all day mediating or journeying to my underworld.  I still like all the things I used to…I still like to wear nice clothes and cool shoes.  I still like to look nice and express my individuality through material goods.  

What’s different is the awareness of why I choose to dress up or to buy something.  It isn’t to fill a void anymore.  It isn’t to chase happiness…a happiness that exists outside of myself.

Because as Russell mentions happiness…and bliss…exist within.  It comes from being kind to people…being honest…being compassionate…connecting to the earth through activities.  I believe all that to be true.  I also believe when he says, “One’s reality is a result of your intention and attention”…and that “within ourselves there’s an infinite capacity of connection to all things.”

It’s through this connection…purposeful intention…and mindful attention to the things we truly desire…love, compassion, and tolerance…that we’ll find true happiness and even bliss.  It’s here a new conscious will arise and we’ll finally begin to appreciate how powerful we are with our energy and our thoughts.  It’s here that we will change the world.  

Who would have thought Russell Brand would be the messenger to deliver a profoundly perfect message?  Not me…but I’m so glad he did.  Namaste


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