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Day 61: Sitting atop a mound of ruins

Updated: Dec 21, 2021


It was a great day until it wasn’t…and isn’t that how life seems to go sometimes?  Especially when you mix together a little too much drinking, the hot sun, and a long day of crowds.  

I don’t feel like getting into the details…because honestly, the details don’t make any sense in my brain.  I’ve already spent too many hours trying to figure out what happened…who said what…what was misunderstood…what I could have done differently…

So I did what any confused person would do when they can’t seem to get answers from anyone, I consulted my horoscope.  Surely that will leave me feeling a little more settled…

Here’s what the AstroTwins had to say:

Next stop: transformation station! Don’t jump to conclusions and assume that a disappointment is the beginning of the end, Aquarius. Today, revolutionary Pluto opens a window for you to make something new—and perhaps even improved—out of the ruins. Just because things didn’t turn out as you had hoped, see what you can save from this shipwreck. Did you prop someone up on a towering pedestal? Recognize that we’re all mere mortals, and be compassionate. Shed your armor, and let the love back in. It’s the quickest way to do away with the drama. – See more at:

Well that’s freakishly spot on!  I’ve gotten quite a bit feedback from folks that my list of qualities for a man didn’t factor in flaws.  That’s probably true.  The list was everything positive I’m looking for.  Yesterday was a reminder – like the Twins say – to not prop someone on a pedestal.  We’re all human and mistakes will be made…by everyone.

What matters is how you handle yourself after.  How you react once the drama has subsided and everyone has sobered up.  Essentially, what you build out of the ruins.  So that’s where I find myself today.  Sitting atop a mound of ruins…with the pedestal kicked over…using my armor for shade as I search for buried treasure amongst the wreckage.


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