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Day 85: Cheers to making babies

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

Today I’m honored to host a baby shower (and surprise wedding shower) for two of my most favorite humans: Erin & David. Their love story isn’t traditional in the sense of timing…order…or convenience, but their love for each other is epic. And that’s what matters…the love that is created when two people that are clearly meant to be together, finally come together. The best part is these two beautiful humans have spawned what is sure to be the most awesome human ever.

I firmly believe if you are lucky enough to have Erin come into your life, it’s guaranteed to blossom in ways you would never have imagined. For me, I was lucky enough to have Erin live with me for a year and a half. The best part of the time we spent together is that I gained another sister….a best friend…a mentor…and a cheerleader. She taught me to let go…to open up…to love. When Erin gives her heart, she doesn’t just give a portion…she gives her whole being. It’s amazing to watch. I wish I could say that I’m able to do the same, but I know I still have a ways to go….although, I’m much further down the road for having had such a wonderful teacher.

Through Erin, I met David and feel blessed to call him one of my besties, too. He is funny…caring…genuine…as special of a man as Erin is a woman. They are the perfect complement to one another. I’ve watched David defend what he believes…stand up for friends…protect and care for Erin…and open his heart to new friends.

As parents, these two are going to be the best. I experienced firsthand, the protective warmth of David when he lovingly lectured me about how a grown ass man should treat a woman…luckily it was in regards to something Mr. Universe did…something right that Mr. Universe did.

David, I’ve no doubt you will be the daddy ever little girl hopes to have. And Erin, you are as beautiful inside as you are outside and your heart overflows with love. Your little girl is so very blessed.

I love these humans so very much and can’t thank them enough for how they’ve changed my life. I look forward to a lifetime of friendship and sisterhood…and to many nights babysitting. Cheers to making babies!


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