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Day 87: Happy Summer

Updated: Dec 25, 2021


At the same time, today is a little bittersweet.  It’s the kick off of summer…the longest day of light. But tomorrow…tomorrow the days start getting gradually shorter as we make our way to Fall.

I used to think the Summer was my favorite season.  I mean, I do love it.

Paddleboarding…going to the pool…eating and drinking outside…bike rides…outdoor concerts…so many fun activities.  As I’ve gotten older though, I’m appreciating each season for what it brings…and how it moves me through life.

Spring plants the seeds of change and evolution.  Those seeds blossom during the Summer, growing bright and strong.  Fall brings forth a crisp perspective and beautiful colors to behold.  Winter offers a time to reflect…turn in…rest.  

And then the cycle starts over.

It’s kind of like yoga.   At the beginning of class, we set an intention…a seed to take hold.  We warm the body eventually moving into our fullest expressions of our postures and intentions.  Then we move to seated postures to start the cool down and reap the benefits of our bliss.  Finally savasana – corpse pose – to rest and allow the body to integrate the asanas and intention.  As I leave my mat, it’s like Spring begins all over again.

But today…it’s all about the Summer Solstice and the energy of the sun.  Soak it in…fill your heart with its warmth.  Get outside and sweat!

Happy Summer, y’all!  Namaste.


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