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Day 88: The effortlessness of life

Updated: Dec 25, 2021


I believe in the power of visualizing what you want…of manifesting the life you desire by imagining you are already living it.  I’ve had it happen in my life and watched it happen to others.

I also believe you can misplace your energy in a superficial intention and end up feeling stuck.  

You think you’re visualizing what you want but instead you end up putting all your thoughts into what you don’t want.  

The result:  nothing.  Meaning, nothing happens to move your forward.

Similarly I think we’re sent intuitive messages…kinda like visions…to focus our energy in the right place.  When that happens, though, we often ignore the message because we don’t trust it…or it frightens us…or it doesn’t seem possible.

I had that happen to me.  I casually brushed my hand against his arm and I got what I can only describe as a flash of a life that prior to the touch I wouldn’t have been able to ever imagine for myself.  

It happened in an instant and was unsettling, to say the least.  Not in a bad sense, necessarily…just in a sense that I was completely unprepared to see what I saw.  Had I not experienced similar flashes about other people, I would have dismissed it as an imagination out of control.  

But when I’ve seen things about other people, I’ve believed them without questioning where or why…so that would tell me I need to do the same about myself.

I mean the whole purpose of retiring was to focus on myself…to change my life.  So why wouldn’t I see a life completely different than anything I had imagined prior?  That’s the point.

Since having this vision, I’ve pretty much kept it to myself.  I’ve only told two people…primarily because I had to tell someone, but was terrified to tell too many.  I mean if it happens, I need a witness or two to know that it all started with a vision…a flash…an intuitive knowing.

If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen…but I’ve noticed a change with the thoughts in my head.  Where I might have pushed or pulled at certain things in my life, I’m more at ease.  It almost feels like I can see the path so clearly that I have the luxury of deciding how fast or slow I want to walk down it.  The luxury of pacing myself…smelling the roses along the way…relaxing into the journey.  I don’t have to guzzle in the happiness…instead I can let it gently soak in.

I know what it feels like to grasp at something…at something that isn’t right…grasping at something out of fear.  I know that feeling very well and it doesn’t feel good.  And now I know the feeling of being led…of following a path that the Universe is conspiring to light…of being on a journey that I’m supposed to be on.  It’s like floating down a gentle river.  There’s no grasping…no flailing about…it’s easy… effortless.

If you are searching for something and have yet to stumble upon it…yet to stumble upon that which feels effortless, well then…keep searching.  You aren’t there yet…not where you’re supposed to be.  When you get there, you’ll know.  Trust me.


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