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Day 94: Road tripping

Updated: Dec 26, 2021


Today I’m road tripping with Princess Grace and Mama J to Boulder.  Kilo was supposed to be in the car with us…I mean, we are driving her car…but paranoid leadership resulted in prioritizing location over quality of life.  Not something new…nor unfortunately surprising.  It made me sad for Kilo, though…I know all to well how that feels…just one example of why I had to leave my career.

Back to the trip…we’re on our way to Boulder, CO.  Kilo and I spent my birthday in Boulder in January and we fell in love (with the area, not each other despite the rumors that flew around the office) so we decided to go back.  I wanted Princess Grace to experience the magic, too…and I couldn’t shake the feeling that we were both gonna meet our future partners there…and eventually move out West.  (And yes, I had this inkling in January…)

Little did I know, my Colorado guy had landed in Indy several months prior.

Thanks for delivering Mr. Universe to my doorstep (kinda)…it was almost like ordering off of Amazon and selecting ‘drone delivery’.  So while I’m no longer going in search of Mr. Universe (found him!), I still feel Princess Grace will meet someone and at least a couple of the witches will migrate….eventually, anyway.

As we make our way through Illinois (the ‘s’ is silent)…Missouri…Kansas…car dancing and singing our heads off like women just released from — or on their way to — the insane asylum, I’m happily missing Mr. Universe.  Somehow traveling to his home state makes the vacation even that much sweeter.


My preference would be to sweep him, the witches, the Ginger babies, Man of the Year, and the Shamans up and relocate the extended Coven to the mountains.  

Maybe someday…until then love y’all!! Xoxo

Happy birthday, Kilo!!  See ya Monday, Boo.

PS…posted this from the car in the Kansas Prairie…technology rocks!


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