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Day 96: It’s a choice

Updated: Dec 26, 2021


The list of lessons I’ve learned…or am learning…is long.  During a conversation with Princess Grace and Mama J, I realized the latest lesson I need to work on.  

It’s a lesson that I should have learned years ago…but didn’t.  A lesson that is at the heart of living a happy life.  The lesson:  Learning to follow my heart and doing what’s right for me, not what makes other people happy.

That may be a no brainer for some, but for most of my life I’ve leaned toward doing what would make others happy…comfortable…feel safe. I always thought of it more like a compromise — justification to giving in.  Having finally come face to face with a potential compromise that would leave me continuing to live a half fulfilled life has allowed me to  see how unhealthy these compromises have been.

We each have one life.  One purpose that we’re sent here to fulfill.  One chance to make the most of our talents…skills…opportunities.  So why compromise?  I mean, if you make a compromise because of a special person in your life…a compromised that feels right…then it’s not really a compromise anymore, is it?  It’s a decision that feels right.  It becomes a decision based on your heart.  Anything other than that results in living a half truth.

So having realized that this is my latest lesson to learn, I now need to tune into what I want…to what’s in my heart…and to trust that the people that are most important to me will support me in my decisions.  They will see how following my heart is the only way to true happiness…and don’t we want the people in our life to be happy?  To live to their fullest potential??  Of course, we do.

We have two options in life.  

We can live in fear…worrying over all the what ifs…trying to make everyone else happy and feeling depleted…miserable…alone at the end of the day.  

Or we can live in love…from a place of connection to our heart and those hearts around us…feeling happy…confident…secure…loved.  Every choice we face…every opportunity presented…every dream spawned leads to action based in either fear or love.  And I get to decide which is best…seems obvious but so many people live in fear.  I lived there for years…but no more.

Surrounding myself with people that are living their truth is the best way to tap into my own power…to keep myself focused and living from a place of love..  

For the next six days, I’ll be surrounded by three powerful women…working to live their truths…discovering their purpose…lighting their paths…and we’ll be amongst mountains built with the healing power of quartz.  

What better place to do some soul searching…intention setting…life planning.  

What better place to follow my heart and find my truth (which just so happens to be one of my tattoos…coincidence?  Not a chance.).  It’s a choice…everything and everyone is a choice.  And I’ve finally decided…that I choose love.

Day 2 in Boulder 🙂


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