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Feeling like a kid again

A couple of weeks ago, @laura.haehl & I went for a bike ride at the #biltmore .

It's one of the things. . . riding bikes, that is. . . that makes me feel like a kid again.

I had forgotten how much I love it until I was in Mexico. . . riding around with the biggest smile on my face & feeling like my heart was going to burst out of my chest.

I feel free when I'm on my bike. . . like anything is possible & nothing matters.

It reminds me of days when the only responsibility I had was to be home by dark.

Now it's where my inner child & adult meet to play & dream together.

It's too easy to lose connection with these parts of ourselves because we're too busy adulting.

Ironically, nothing makes me feel more alive than doing the shit I loved when I was a kid.

My adult feels more confident. . . invincible. . . capable.

So as I prepare for some big changes this week, I can't help but hear the energizing bell of my bicycle reminding me that I got this as I feel the warm breeze of possibility on my face & the tingle in my heart that I can do & be anything.

This reconnection to childhood dreams will be the theme of my online breakthrough #breathwork class on Tuesday at 7pm ET.

Don't miss this chance to reconnect with & reignite YOUR playful spirit.

If you can't make the class, no worries. Sign up anyway & get a 5 DAY REPLAY! Visit




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