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Fuck yes

The "fuck yes" experience that most clearly stands out in my mind is the day I decided to quit my corporate job & flip my life upside down. Let me set the stage for you. . .

It was a random summer day. Sunny & hot with nothing particularly exciting happening at work (#unusual) so I decided to cut out early & go paddleboarding, alone.

With half my body submerged in the water & half resting on my board, I blurted out (to no one because I was alone), "I'm going to quit my job." 😲

I can still remember the sound of my own voice so clearly. There was a level of confidence & a deep sense of knowing that shocked me when I heard it.

Do you know what immediately followed that shock?

A full body sense of relief. A physical response that happens when your heart & mind align with a decision your soul has been craving. . . leaving you no other option but to agree. No other option but say

"fuck yes"

Now making this "fuck yes" decision didn't mean I paddled my ass back to my car & texted "I quit." to my boss.

But it was the starting point for planning my escape. And each day after for a little over a year, I took steps toward that goal of leaving.

I'm not going to lie, there were days when I wondered if I was making the right decision. And each time I started to doubt myself or question my own sanity, the Universe would present a not-so-subtle sign that it was indeed the right decision. That it was indeed an absofuckinglutely "fuck yes!"



If you haven't listened to this week's podcast, you might want to. It's all about decision-making. . . & learning to discover your own fuck yes & fuck no.

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