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Full circle

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

That is my horoscope for the week.

The same week that I did something that I haven't done in over 8 years.

What's that, you ask? Well, I got a full-time job at Salesforce. Seriously?!? Seriously.

In the Fall, I said IF I went back to work, I wanted to work at Salesforce. I set the intention. Fueled it with excitement & took some clear action steps.

I applied for a few jobs, earned over 11,000 points & 38 badges on 5 different trails in their online training system,

But when nothing landed, I let go. And I opened myself to other possibilities & trusted my Universe.

I trusted that if this was the right path for me, it would happen. . . in the right way. . . at the right time.

I also trusted that if this wasn't the right path for me, it wouldn't happen but something else equally amazing would. And I was open to either option & everything in between.

What I knew, was that every job I've ever gotten was because someone knew someone who knew me. There was no lengthy application process or taxing interviews. Each job felt like meeting old friends. . . it was just easy.

Realizing that allowed me to trust in the process even more. On some level I knew that whatever job I got or however my business grew, it was going to be because someone knew someone who knew me. #referrals

And that is EXACTLY what happened. It's how I got the job at Salesforce & it's how my business is growing. #wordofmouth

Look, a part of me is as floored as you are. I mean, I love the work I'm doing on my own, especially the breathwork. And I'm still doing it. I can't imagine not doing it. It's just no longer all I'm doing.

I also can't believe that after being "out of the workforce" (aka the traditional workforce) for this long, that I get to work at Salesforce. #beyondlucky

The other part of me. . . well, she's just so fucking relieved to have a job. Giddy, actually.

See, if I'm totally honest with myself (& you), running your own business is hard. . . & lonely.

I miss being a part of something bigger than myself. . . being part of a team. And I miss feeling like I'm contributing. I'm also sooooo curious to see if this time will be different (like my horoscope says). Because this time, I'm different (like my horoscope says).

Don't get me wrong. There is nothing I love more than facilitating a breakthrough for someone. In seeing a person shift right before my eyes.

It's not at an ego trip. It's an honor.

But, until I'm facilitating a LOT of breakthroughs on a regular basis (go sign up for a class & tell your friends to do the same), I miss making money. There I said it.

I'm a spiritual person who really enjoys making money. Maybe that's like rubbing your belly & patting your head to some, but money has always been a driver for me. (Hint: that's why I managed to comfortably retire at 41 & not work a "real job" in over 8 years.)

Maybe it's because I'm a #Diamond (in #Cardology) or maybe it's because of my #childhood & not wanting to ever feel trapped or reliant on someone else.

Whatever the reason, I enjoy making money. I think a lot of people do. . . probably most people. It's just somewhere along the way, it felt wrong to admit this to myself. . . or anyone else. #enough

I don't think money is evil. It's not.

I don't think money creates problems. It doesn't.

I don't think money corrupts. How can it?

Those are all things that humans become, create or do. . . often times in the pursuit of money (aka power). But on its own. . . just laying there. . . money doesn't DO anything that a human doesn't give it power to do (with thoughts, words and/or actions).

So here I am. Taking another run at it. Hoping that this time I can find the balance that eluded me before while adding more to my balance sheet. Wish me luck (& book a breathwork class).

What is that you really want to do that you're holding yourself back from. . . for whatever reason?



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