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Home is where the heart is

I did it!! A month-long solo adventure in Tulum, Mexico!!

As I sat at the airport reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed, I had to keep reminding myself that my backpack didn't contain all my belongs from the last 30 days (well sort of but not really). . . that I wasn't broke until I hit the next post office & got my new re-supply box. . . that my feet didn't actually hurt & I wasn't wearing hiking boots. . .that I wasn't making my way home on foot.

I had to keep reminding myself that I was a tourist. . .sipping a latte. . .waiting to board first class. . .& I'd be back in my comfy bed by the end of the day.

And then I had to remind myself that even though my adventure was waaaaaaay more luxurious than Cheryl's, we were both on adventures to find deeper meaning. . . to (re)connect to lost parts of ourselves. . . to figure out what's next. . . to reconcile the past in order to become fully present. . . to shed the monsters (figuratively & literally) that limited us.

So while I didn't hike the PCT & probably won't write a bestseller about my Mexican adventures with psychedelics & altered states of consciousness (more on all that another time), I am super proud of myself.

I traveled to a country where I don't speak the language. . . by myself. . . where I allowed myself to be pushed waaaaaay the fuck outside of my comfort zone.

I let myself be guided & I trusted that guidance more deeply than I ever have before.

I'm coming home re-charged & excited about my future. A future that I don't know I would have seen so clearly had I not done this trip.

So to everyone that encouraged me to go. . . even when a big part of me was trying to get out of it. . . thank you for pushing me in the kindest ways.

And to the sweet souls I connected with on this journey (@eljoycrew@thelifeyoulove@camicampllonch@cassiestockamp@bornagainbaby@kelly.elsner@jonpaulcrimi ). . .thank you for welcoming me into your tribe.

It's good to be home. . . no matter where I am.


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