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Mama grizzly fierceness

This is one of my favorite photos of my Mom (obviously not one of my faves of me. . but today is about her.) My Mom is one of the strongest humans I know & set a pretty high bar for me. 💪💗 She grew up working on the farm as hard as any son would have. She survived an abusive marriage (and rescued me from an abusive father). She clawed her way to the upper echelon of management in a time where most women "knew their place". She raised two daughters singlehandedly. She kicked cancer's ass & is a walking miracle surviving Stage IV ovarian cancer (7 years in remission). 🥇 But this picture. . . as she walked me down the aisle almost 20 years ago, her mama grizzly fierceness & determination of spirit shone bright in her eyes. The strength of her love wrapped tightly around my hand. She was & is my rock. She's always allowed me plenty of room to be myself, even when I didn't really know who I was. Never hovering. . . never meddling. . . never shaming or scolding. . . just always there when I need her to listen & to prop me back up. She taught me to never give up. . . to fight for what's right & for what/whom I love. . . that I'm stronger & smarter than I think...mistakes are a part of life just be mindful of the lessons. . . work hard & laugh harder. . . limits are a mindset. . . believe in something bigger than myself. . . it's never too late (for anything). . . and most importantly, love fiercely. I feel incredibly lucky to call this human My Mom. Thank you for being you & for allowing me to be me. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! 💐 I love you.


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